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By Johanna Korkinnen


Johanna KorkinnenMy treasure

Amorgos: an Aegean island connected to Luc Besson’s film "The Big Blue" for the majority of tourists in Greece. This island has a lot more than the world famous monastery of Chozoviotissa or the wreck to Kato Meria. I want to share with you some of my most favorite places on the island. The rest you have to discover for yourself.
It was a windy day when me and my friend  started our journey to Amorgos. The boat could not get near port Aegiali and left us necessarily at Katapola. To be honest, we didn’t care. We rented a motorbike and left for Amorgos. The landscape between the two villages enraptured us: tall craggy mountains covered by clouds, gravel roads and wild, untamed sea.

We put the autopilot and headed to the one place I always choose to stay: Alexander the Great studios (Megas Alexandros). Rooms without anything special or luxurious, but the view from the balcony is something else. And then I met my two unique treasures. The first is the owner Mr. Dimitris, who doesn’t go anywhere without his wife. The most hospitable and welcoming people of the island.
My second treasure is a beach that most guidebooks refer to as "one of the remarkable sites." The truth is that beach “Mouros” is so much more special than what you can describe. It is a pearl very well hidden by the mountains that surround it. A rocky, stony beach without many tourists. The perfect place for diving, snorkeling and especially the most sheltered place for swimming in Amorgos.

Back to Aegiali , we found the perfect bar for super ice cream. The cafeteria “frou frou” near the harbor of Aigiali or the «Sunset Boulevard» of Amorgos. And one step below we enjoyed drinks and breakfasts at the bar “Amorgis”.

I want to address to those who plan to visit Amorgos for the first time. You must  make a stop at “Santuraki”. It is a small tavern in the village Tholaria just above Aegiali. At first glance it looks like just any other traditional greek tavern. Simple, relaxing decor with dozens  speakers playing loud greek music. But the food! This food! I can tell without any hesitation or doubt that the food there  is the best I’ve ever tried in my life. An incredible blend of new ideas and flavors to the traditional greek cuisine. While I’m writing these words, I’m eating some “meze”, the best I've eaten in my life! The vegetables that you will eat have been gathered by the hands of their owners (E. Sinodinou). And it makes a difference, honestly. What “fava” what gherkins ... All these flavors seemed so unprecedented and something more.

Of course, the cherry on the cake is the Country: with  tavernas, cafes and shops. In a village with 600 houses and 200 inhabitants it is just too easy to feel completely alone when walking the quiet streets. It's so easy to find your own secret or treasure.
For me Amorgos is a beautiful, wild island where the sea is the emperor. I fell in love at first sight and always feel beautiful when I share my experiences and my treasures with people who still have not set foot on the island.

*J.K.reserves the blog with her experiences from Greece.

* Also published in Athens Voice (Issue 401 - July - August  2012)

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